Scent memories


After working in the beauty industry for 20 years, it’s funny how often I have talked about the role scent plays in our consciousness. Our brain uses it to document moments in our day and lives. It triggers emotional response based on its past experience with that scent. So ever since I started Woodham Blooms I struggled with the fact that my creations are scentless. Working on the project to bring my new range of soy candles has been amazing, to not only help you scent your home, office or event but also start new memories based on my scents. All of my candle fragrances are based on my own personal scent memories and I truly hope that they bring you all memories to treasure as you continue to light them time and time again.

Rhubarb & Rose

Natural Soy WAX Scented Candle 

Utterly irresistible with a gourmand blend of delicious Rhubarb, Tea Rose, zesty Fruits with a soft velvety base of Musk and soft woods.

The Scent Memory 

This fragrance is very special to me, after wearing Hermes Rhubarbe Ecarlate on her wedding day, this perfume holds one of her most important memories. After curating her candle fragrances Victoria really wanted to recapture the beauty of Rhubarbe, of course not replicating the Hermes scent - just having a nod to the beauty of the original fragrance and of course cherishing her most perfect day, her wedding day.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Yuzu

Heart Notes: Rhubarb Leaf, Tea Rose 

Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk and Sandalwood

This is the most wonderful scent for your home or to gift to someone. 

Candle burn time is approximately 35 hours, housed in a frosted glass vessel with my signature white washed wood lids, which can also be used as a candle coaster. All of my candles come in a luxury box, perfect to gift (and wrap).

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Victoria Richards