How to be a faux Florist - easy style tips for faux flowers.

From single stem blooms, hand-tied bouquets to orchids, succulents and gorgeous green plants, at Woodham Blooms we have a flower market of faux florals for you to choose from. Experiment with our arrangement tips below and stock up on flowers in our online boutique for a snip of what you’d pay in an interior boutique – you’ll feel like a (faux) florist in no time.


Form structure with shapes & sizes
When choosing your flowers, odd numbers rule. Try layering three big blooms (hydrangeas or peonies), five medium-sized heads (roses or tulips) and seven smaller heads (freesias or plumes of delphiniums). Space them evenly throughout the display to create balance.


Create interest with colours & textures
Complementary or clash? Whichever colour scheme you choose, mixing different textures can help to create another eye-catching dimension to your arrangement. Pop in store and take your pick of pastel or bright, buds and blousy blooms.


Fill with greenery and foliage
Give depth to your display by creating a backdrop of greenery to show off each flower head. Position large dramatic leaves (ferns or Swiss cheese) at the base of your arrangement or fill in with smaller, delicate foliage (eucalyptus or blossom branches).


Arrange from every angle
Turn your arrangement as you go and take a step back every now and then to make sure textures and key blooms are evenly distributed. If your arrangement will be positioned against a wall, make sure each side is as full of flowers as the front.


Height of style
Flowers supposedly look their best at double the height of their vase. The great thing about faux florals is you can bend each stem to your preferred height! Find the perfect vase to fit your arrangement, most of our faux Blooms come pre arranged in the perfect style vase. 

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