Woodham Blooms Top 10 Tips on Artificial Flowers


 Top Tips for using Faux Flowers

Some people prefer fake flowers, because they require little or no care, don't die and never go out of season.

Whilst I don’t like to call them fake. Some people call them artificial. Others refer to them as silk flowers, referring to the material that makes up the petals. You can call them faux flowers if that makes you happy. And the floristry industry gets a kick out of calling them permanent botanicals.

But, no matter what you call them, there's really no reason for them to look fake anymore. Here's my top tips on how to create perfectly real looking arrangements:

Woodham Blooms Top 10 Tips For Fooling People With Faux Flowers


1.  Research fresh flowers. Before you can buy good-looking faux / artificial flowers you need to know what real ones look like. Visit a florist or look at images of real flowers online (Pinterest and instagram are great for inspiration). Be sure to check out the leaves. Each flower has its own leaf shape. So when it comes to looking for good faux flowers invest in good foliage.

2.  Choose flowers in realistic colours. Look for artificial flowers in natural colours. There are no neon blue flowers in reality for example. If you're creating flower arrangements for a cutting edge special event, then go ahead and play with colours. But, if you want those unrealistic colours to match your sofa they may look nice, but they won't look natural. Which is fine, if that's the look you're going for.

3.  Invest in good quality faux flowers. Realistic artificial flowers aren't cheap. But they will look a thousand times better than cheaper ones for years to come.


4.  Buy great looking inexpensive fake flowers. If you can't afford expensive ones, buy those that look like them. Visit a store that sells high-end fake flowers and study them. What makes them look real?  Notice that they're never too shiny. How do they display them? Oka and Neptune are good places to get ideas on how to incorporate fake flowers into your home. At Woodham Blooms, we aim to be middle of the road, offering very realistic faux without the high end prices.

5.  Beware of super thick stems. Bunches of fake flowers are wired individually then enclosed in thick plastic to create one giant stem. You get lots of flowers for the price of one. Hide these types of stems in a vase you can't see through, like a ceramic one.


6.  Divide and multiply. Just because your faux flowers may come in a bunch doesn't mean they have to stay that way. Separate out bunches  into different vases. Use floristry wire cutters to cut and trim the stems. Don’t use your good scissors, they won't be good anymore. An inexpensive pair of wire cutters should do the job.


8.  Limit your colour palette. Decide on a colour scheme. To achieve an elegant look, use no more than 2 or 3 colors. Your colours should complement each other. If one flower is mostly pink, but has a hint of green and white use those hues to complement the first flower. Using 25,000 different colours will make your fake flower arrangement look all over the place. Focus on a few shades for the best result.

9.  Dust them. If you don't keep dust off your faux flowers,  they'll look an awful lot like fake flowers.  Real flowers don't get dusty! You can do this with a hairdryer on cool for speed and ease.

10. Add faux flowers to real flower arrangements. If there are real flowers that are too expensive or not in season for a special event, replace those with high quality fake ones. If you follow the tips above, few will even notice.