Are you ready to adopt the Faux Flower trend?

Are you a faux flower lover or hater?

So I’m a faux-florist, but I’ve not always been. I love real flowers. I’m a disaster when it comes to real indoor plants, so far my PB is one year before these plants have given up praying for water or less water.. I can’t get a good balance. My mother is green fingered and things miraculously bloom at her touch, inside and out.


I’ve always loved real flowers, I used to press them when I was little to try and preserve their beauty. But I’ve also grown up through the era where Faux was tarnished with being a bit cheap and not very elegant or stylish. BUT things have changed. A lot. The styling. The quality and availability is so different.

The new faux flowers are very on trend, especially with the more botanical look going on in interior design. It’s got to a point where you really do have to do a touch test with these new generation of faux flowers, they have come so far in terms of quality, I promise you really wont be able to tell that they aren't real! 


I have a faux flowers in my hallway which is fantastic, mainly because I no longer have to keep rushing out to buy fresh flowers to keep up appearances.   It has certainly saved a lot of effort and off the constant compliments I started Woodham Blooms. 


How much are they?


OK so perhaps you are starting to consider trying Faux... but you are unsure how much will a bunch set you back? - well if you buy the best quality (always recommended) then an average bunch may cost as much as £80+, on the high street or from a designer interior retailer.

This is expensive, BUT considering they will last years, it's clearly a cost effective route to go down in the long run. Think about how much a designed florist bouquet of flowers can cost when you weigh it up it’s not too bad.


But. When I started Woodham Blooms, my concept was to be more accessible. Using high end Faux Flowers, accredited by the British Floral Association. I wanted luxury product, styled professionally but at a good price.

Although I will continue to have some fresh flowers in my home, I think going partly faux in key areas is a great way to save money and precious time. Such as the Hallway, the spare bedroom, the downstairs loo....


By no means am I the cheapest. Why not? Well for one I buy and source great faux flowers, they are beautiful. I am a one woman business. I don’t have economy’s of scale like big corporations. I hand design all my arrangements, making your home more unique. I’m not in denial that there are some odd (and I mean odd) cheap and cheerful fauxs arrangements on the high street.  But take my word for it, they won’t have the same quality or craftsmanship to them  



1. Start off with an all-rounder faux plant -  A succulent plant is a great starting point and works really well throughout the year. In terms of styling. 

 2. Buy the best quality - You really get what you pay for.  Buy cheap and the flowers just wont have the same detail and quality and will look a bit too plastic. 

3. Mix in with real greens - if you want to bring the budget down, just buy 2 or 3 stems or a small flower only arrangement and add foliage from the garden, inter-change as and when

 4. Go for single stem statements - this is a great way to add impact but keep it simple, and inexpensive.  Invest in a big vase which would look great in the corner of a room with a big single stem. Eucalyptus is also a perfect option, giving you the botanical trend and keeping it simple and stylish   


5. Keep it seasonal - Whilst Faux Flowers don’t die, we recommend changing up your look every 3 months. This means you have a a lot more convincing look and it's nice to have a change every so often; why not change your flowers at the same time as changing your wardrobe each season. 


Spring Summer






So whether you are now a faux flower fan or a faux flower newbie, I would love to hear from you!

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