The Faux Florist

Ever since I was little I’ve loved flowers, my mum is the best gardener in the world. I dreamed one day I would become a florist but life doesn’t happen that way. I got lured into retail and marketing and never looked back. Until now... whilst of course I’m not a florist, this new venture for me is my way of becoming a Faux Florist. All the beauty of creation without them wilting and dying. 

I understand with real flowers this cycle allows you to change your room or decor easily. But with Faux it’s no different, at Woodham Blooms we aim to have accessible pricing to allow you to update your Blooms regularly. Plus you have the bonus of storing your old Blooms away until you wish to reuse them. For the cost of a florist bouquet you can enjoy Woodham Blooms forever. 

Would you be interested in a seasonal Woodham Blooms Offer? For a set price we send you a new faux bouquet every season? Love to hear your thoughts xoxo