Christmas Decorations

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, the Christmas movies, the catch up's with friends and family. But the best part for me is the kick off, on the first Saturday of December I always decorate the house.

Our old home was very traditional, with a white and black tile porch and open grate fireplaces. Decorating it was such a dream. This year in our new home it was more tricky - finding new homes for our old decorations and realising we need so much more.

But that is all part of the fun. Sadly, this year I am also recovering from a recent operation so I have had to allow The Bear to do a lot of the decorating. Normally only in charge of the outside lights this was a huge promotion for my hubby, but so far he has not done a bad job.

Next year, we will be sure to have lots of beautiful items to help you make your homes look beautifully festive, from berry coloured faux flower bouquets to those little decorative accessories you covet so much, at Woodham Blooms we aim to add that extra touch that helps you create the look you desire.