Are you ready to adopt the Faux Flower trend?

The new faux flowers are very on trend, especially with the more botanical look going on in interior design. It’s got to a point where you really do have to do a touch test with these new generation of faux flowers, they have come so far in terms of quality, I promise you really wont be able to tell that they aren't real!

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Why Faux?

This year we sold our old home and bought our ‘Pinterest’ house. I’ve loved every moment of making it ours. This year I also underwent a bi-lateral (double) mastectomy with reconstruction.

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The Faux Florist

Ever since I was little I’ve loved flowers, my mum is the best gardener in the world. I dreamed one day I would become a florist but life doesn’t happen that way. I got lured into retail and marketing and never looked back. Until now... whilst of course I’m not a florist, this new venture for me is my way of becoming a Faux Florist. All the beauty of creation without them wilting and dying

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We find beautiful pieces to create the finishing touch to every room in your home. Whether you are searching for something special for your home or a gift for someone special we have just what you are looking for.

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Victoria Richards