Luxury Glass Bottle of Extra Long Matches - Navy & White

Luxury Glass Bottle of Extra Long Matches - Navy & White


Lovely extra long matches with coloured tops to elevate your candle styling.

Each match is 10cm long, perfect for lighting crackling winter fires or awkward to reach candle wicks! Or to light many, many candles.

Matches stored in a weighty glass bottle with a cork stopper. There is a strike plate on the bottom of the bottle, strike gently and always away from your body.

A fireside essential, will look great on your mantelpiece, next to your log burner or on your kitchen dresser, or simply styled next to your favourite candle or fireplace.

Choose from our range of safety matches with navy match sticks and white tips, black match sticks with white tips or for the festive touch - wooden match sticks with green tips or mixed green & red tips.

Bottles contain approx 125 matches.

made from:

Glass, Wood


10cm Match Sticks

Bottle Size: 190 x 75 mm

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Match Care: Keep away from children, ALWAYS Strike gently away from you or others

Please note that due to postage restrictions we are unable to send any matches outside of the UK. We are very sorry for any disappointment caused.